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Our Story

Rascals has always been my dream, I always saw myself working with dogs and ultimately running a rehabilitation center and shelter.

But I was on the wrong career path and saw no way out.

Until one day, everything changed.

The road to Rascals was unfortunately not the best one but here I am now, living my dream!

At the beginning of 2018 I was a Fashion Designer, at 27, I had made it to where I thought I was supposed to be. I have my own dog, Nasus, a 3 year old miniature pincer cross, an active, loving little man who is my whole world.

I'm not going to lie, I wished I could spend more time with Nasus, but my career was taking it out of me. I was always stressed, tense and tired. Constantly.

January started off with a rough kidney infection that knocked me down for a while, on the way to recovery, one of my worst nightmares came true.

One day after work, in some kind of freak accident drama movie scene, Nasus was hit by a car right in front of my eyes.

I screamed.

He was hit.

Everything was a blur after that. He was bleeding badly and I kept screaming. I picked him up and ran inside the house to find my partner.

'Nas got hit by a car!' 'Help!' "Oh god oh god oh god!'

We rushed to the Glendowie Veterinary Clinic, who even though they had finished for the day, Dr. Martin, Bex and the team were there to help Nasus.

They did all they can for him that night, before he could get operated on the next day.

It was a terrible night, Nasus couldn't move, he panted with pain all night and didn't sleep.

The next day and the next, Dr. Martin, Bex and the team at Glendowie Veterinary Clinic, operated multiple times and did everything the could for Nasus. I was in a constant state of anxiety, getting calls and confirming courses of action.

Nasus' right, hind foot was completely ripped open. His middle phalange (toe) had to be amputated and his right, hind leg metatarsus bone had completely snapped and shattered, requiring a solid metal plate with 8 screws.

So many staples, stitches, medications and bandaging. It was graphic, but no one needs to see photos of that!

After the surgeries, the healing and rehabilitation process began in February but Nasus couldn't get quite there. His skin wasn't healing over his foot, and after many weeks of waiting and almost daily vet visits, Dr. Martin said that a skin graft was the only option.

A few more surgeries ensued and more daily visits (the vet team became our new best friends!) and Dr. Martins abilities to heal the impossible, came through again! The skin graft took and we were on our way to recovery!

March came and the stress and anxiety was relieved as Nasus started to become his old self again.

He was finally healing.

But I wasn't.

I was always stressed, I was unhappy and I couldn't take it anymore!

I had to leave my job and rest. I spent time on myself and on Nasus and realized that life is too short, its time to focus on what was really important!

So with the Rascals dream set in my mind, I decided to make it come true!

I needed the knowledge, so I began studying and I needed the training and practice, so I did it.

I worked hard and trained and studied and here we are, making sure every dog is happy, healthy and having the best time!

Because life is too short to not embrace what is the most important to you!

Nasus is mine, and now so are all the other dogs I work with every day, seeing them running around, happy and healthy! Teaching them structure, helping them with behaviors and being a part on this amazing experience with them.

Anything is possible if you want it to be and working with my Rascals every day is the best thing I could ever wish for!



Thank you to Dr. Martin, Bex and the amazingly skilled and kind team at Glendowie Veterinary Clinic for everything you have done for our family!


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