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The Rascals Philosophy

Rascals is about the power of the pack and the power of the walk. We believe in fulfilling a dogs individual needs, providing good energy and one-on-one attention for a happy, healthy and balanced dog.

As a dog owner, the happiness and well-being of my pups is one of my top priorities and that's when I went back to basics!

The power of the pack is important to a dog, they need to feel they have a calm, assertive leader to guide them. The power of the pack connects directly to the power of the walk. Our little pups ancestors, the wolves, would walk around for most of their days, hunting for food and guided by the leader of their pack. Dogs need these walks, it is in their DNA!

Which is where Rascals come in, we focus on the basic needs of a dog, being a calm assertive leader of the pack, projecting good energy and connecting with that awesome little mind your pup has!

Rascals believes that every dog is unique and has individual needs, as with human beings, you can't box them into a routine that works for another. Some dogs are high energy and need a wild adventure. Others need to get out of their house and cruise around the neighborhood. Either way, the walk is key to a dog being happy, healthy and balanced. And also more importantly burning that extra energy that they build up throughout the day so they aren't tearing up your couch while you're at work! 

I believe in providing only a kind hand, offering positive experiences and having lots of fun, while retaining a strong footing in my dog psychology and training techniques.

Rascals is also here for the dogs that cant manage day care, for reasons of anxiety, stress or danger. And that just means that your dog needs the niche environment Rascals provides! Every dog is different and Rascals provides that one-on-one attention that your dog needs to thrive to become happy and healthy.

Dogs need to walk, they need to burn their energy in the way their genetics calls for and Rascals is about providing that service for you. After all, what we both have in common is ensuring that your dog is happy, healthy and balanced and having the time of their wee life! As will I!

I cant wait to get to know your dog and their unique personality!



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